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Big data oglasi, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are some key concepts necessary for attaining sustainable development in a competitive business environment and the 21st century. More than ever, gaining insights from the massive quantum of data has assumed greater importance as the demand for innovative innovations and solutions in various industries reach record highs leading to the creation of better opportunities and new industries. I am fascinated by the upcoming technological field of AI, since the time I used Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Hence, I am eager to become a key stakeholder in this area of endeavor by creating high-value solutions. My desire to attain a world-class status in developing intelligent outcomes and creating value for the business and social entities motivated my decision to apply to your reputable training program. Learning to speak the technical language in business and industry is an incredible path to sustainable innovation and professional competence. Without an iota of doubt, the role of data would become critical to the future of many industries and through the use of big data and intelligent data analysis.

As many organizations seek to gain the edge in their various industries, we cannot overemphasize the use of actionable intelligence from large data sets in improving core operations and driving strategic initiatives. As we reach critical stages of human-technology interaction in the digital economy, my bachelor’s degree in Computer science gave me a sound background in the knowledge of data structures and algorithm analysis. I also developed skilled competence in using object-oriented programming language and data analysis packages during this time.


I have worked as a program executive in charge of operations and market research for a nongovernment organization that brings a tremendous capacity to Corporate Social Responsibility. I devoted a significant amount of time to identifying the critical needs of the less privileged society and making a robust framework. I pushed those needs to corporate bodies for sponsorship and the creation of a sustainable environment. We recorded many successes, so also were some challenges. I could identify the most used channels of engagement in the response of end-users through several channels. My work also earned me the Green Hero of the month for November 2018 for a commitment towards creating a healthy ecosystem and for taking part in our various plantation drives with an earnest zeal of making the planet cleaner and greener. I was instrumental in the attainment of successful outcomes for the projects throughout my period of stay in that capacity.

My current role as a Technology Associate in IBM and working as a contractor staff for Etihad Airways has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities where improvements made in different aspects of operations of air travel and safety through the use of daily data. By working with clients, I have been able to resolve client issues using technical expertise, elicited robust customer satisfaction. I love my role as a functional link between the company and its clients, and I believe I can deliver better results in ensuring business growth and customer satisfaction. In my first six months of working, I got the prestigious title of IBM Hall of Famer for Q1 2019. I have also accomplished the accolade to be among the top 20 employees in Digital Workspaces, IBM India, with the highest amount of skill badges as a professional. These learnings have committed to significant innovations, and innovative outcomes to my curious nature into concepts and processes will enhance my inquisitive nature into theories and methods.


My choice of your prestigious institution was because of the high pedigree of your training program in analytics, which encompasses core industry realities into the training curriculum. I’m excited at the well-structured program, which allows flexible yet rigorous learning experience within world-class facilities, and well-renowned scholars are attractive to me. The curriculum contents, which include statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and modeling, are very impressive and relevant to my professional development objectives. The array of qualified faculty members, professionals in their respective fields, show that I could gain immense value for my time and resources spent on the program once I begin my studies and cultivating lifelong professional relationships that would serve me.

Through this program, I am ready to take my professional development and learning experience to the next level through your program. I possess a great passion for converting data into massive resources for organizations, and this drive ensures that I take advantage of every opportunity to maximize learning outcomes and develop my professional competence to the highest level in the industry. I possess significant analytical and critical thinking skills with the robust use of digital and technical tools in achieving identified corporate objectives and goals. I am keen to show academic excellence to the faculty and collaboration skills with other students in ensuring I gain in-depth knowledge and insights on analytics tools and techniques for my professional career in press for ham company.


I am ready to resume my studies once the university acknowledges my acceptance.

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